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Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important issue on the internet for many people. The technologies that are employed in most websites, however gather quite a lot of personal information, which some people would prefer not to make available. We canĀ“t switch these systems on and off for individual visitors, so please do not use this website if you do not consent to the use of the following technologies:


This web site uses cookies to help optimise the experience of visitors by helping us to make it more relevant and easier to use. This does mean however, that we can analyse how you use this site by tracking the way you visit pages.

Google Analytics:

This web site also utilizes so called "Google Analytics" tools provided by Google. This allows us to access data about, for example, location, age, and interests of our visitors. The information is however anonymous. This means that, for example, we have no means of finding out that a Mr or Mrs Wassahname from 22b Blahblah Drive in Hampshire UK (or any specific person) visited our site. We have, however no idea how Google stores this information or how personal the details are that Google stores. We believe that Google works with 3rd Parties  who profile visitors computers in order to perform wide reaching web tracking services. These services are then (so we believe) used, for example to target visitors with specific personalized advertising accross the internet.

Please desist from using this website if you do not consent to this type of tracking technology being used to analyse your habits on the internet.

You can find out more detail about "Google Analytics" on Wikipedia HERE --opens new window

You can discover more about the technologies used to track people on the internet and how to protect your privacy by visiting

this information is available in most european languages.

Sign up to news letter:

by signing up to receive news letters, special exclusive free tracks and other goodies, you consent to your E-Mail address being stored on our computer (otherwise we would forget it DERRR ).

We will not sell your details to a dodgy hacker or cheesy marketing agency. If you send us an E-mail that we deem interesting and or funny we reserve the right to quote it on this site and / or our social media channels. We will however ask your permission first!

If you wish to be removed from the list or have any questions about the information we store please get in contact here